Energy- efficient Refurbishment

The design of the new facade ties in with the rigid aesthetic of the existing structure, transforming the building with a modern appearance into our today´s world. Existing qualities are extracted and adapted to contemporary requirements maintaining the basic structure to the greatest possible extent.

Replacing with each of the new window elements two of the former windows, the new facade enforces the building´s generousity and modernity.
Since the layer of the new windows is located outside the existing facade, the precasted window elements can be mounted without deletion of the existing structure and with operation running.     

The new foyer welcomes the visitor along the full width of the great hall. It´s void is connected with the heightened connecting structure, that gives barrier- free access to all levels.

Energy- efficient Refurbishment
Vilsbiburg, Bavaria
Client: City of Vilsbiburg

Competition 2013
Energy-saving refurbishment of the school with gymnasium and swimming hall from 1971
7 500 m² GFA

short list

Climate engineering: Transsolar, Munich