Architecture LPH 1-9;  New-build | Conversion | Refurbishment | Conservation
Project development
Urban planning
Exhibition and colour concepts
Interior design
Development of bespoke furniture and lighting
Art installations
Lecturing at high-schools
Participation in competitions
Jury membership in competitions


Lasting and extensive experience in architecture and urban planning
Innovative and sustainable approach to planning
Pragmatic implementation
Integrative collaboration with other professional disciplines
Creativity in the design process


Versatility and flexibility through a broad and diverse spectrum
Specific solutions to individual sites and tasks
Subtle instead of sensational architecture
Suitability of resources and materials
Combining innovation and tradition
Care and precision in planning and execution
Passion for collaboration with creative minds


Goal-orientated and cooperative collaboration with the client
Negotiation skills and implementation competence
Structured planning process
Competence in conflict management
Professional preparation of presentations

Efficiency and quality assurance

Careful use of resources as an economic factor
Sustainable and robust planning
Holistic attention to economical principles from the begin
Early planning and cost predictability through:
Thorough planning in the early work stages
‘Two heads are better than one’ principle for important decisions