City North Reutlingen

Like a string of pearls, the key spaces of the old town are connected together, as with two new spaces along the extended central pedestrian axis.

A tower marks the crossing point of Karlstrasse with the central pedestrian axis. Here the new ‘Karlsplatz’ creates a central connection between Old Town and City North and combines road, tram, bike and pedestrian traffic. Next to the station building the new transport hub unites all other transport connections under one roof - buses, coaches, parking and a new tram system are to be located centrally. The station itself is relocated to a listed building directly on the central pedestrian axis.

The new urban structure links the adjoining city quarters and at the same time allows the phased realisation of the screening blocks along the rail line. Different measures like the bypass around the City North and the reduction of Karlstrasse to a two-lane street allow Old Town and City North to grow together once again.


Reutlingen, Baden- Württemberg, Germany

Multi-diciplined Ideas competition 2010
Reorganisation of the station quarter and connection to the Old Town with
integrated traffic strategy
30 Ha


Mark K. Gerry
Landscape architecture: Lohrer Hochrein, Munich
Traffic planning: Prof. Dr. Lang
Model: Maxani, Munich