dwelling in munich- sendling

Due to the client’s growing young family and increased space requirements the building’s two apartments were combined.

The repairs made to the facade of the original 1960’s building have transformed the exterior with a modern and pure appearance. On the south side all windows were replaced with high heat-insulated alu-timber frames, inclu­ding a 5m sliding door to the living area. The balcony received a delicate balustrade composed of stain­less steel netting.

In the first floor the door openings were made wider and higher. Through the satin-finished glazing of the new room doors and the stairwell facade, day lighting is extended deep into the generous landing area.



Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Client: Private

Conversion 2009
Renovation of a two-family house into a single dwelling with improved
energy efficiency
400 m²
Work stages: HOAI § 33 Lph 1 to 8