Luise Academic High School Munich

In line with the reduction of high school years from 9 to 8, the school required new spaces to facilitate its transformation into a full-time school.

A | Relaxing
With its concrete walls removed of their original plaster, the new lounge area, now bathed in a subtle light carpet from fluorescent tubes and with oiled nut industrial parquet flooring, stands in stark contrast to the traditional learning atmosphere. The cafeteria serves as a space for relaxation and communication.

B | Eating and drinking
The minimalist approach was used again to combine areas of the neighbouring training centre to create an attractive and coherent facility, which enters a natural dialogue with the original building.

C | Private work spaces
The installation of cells- small cubicles for concentrated working will provide private spaces for students within the school‘s corridors. This stage is yet to be realised.


By central station- Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Client: Baureferat Landeshauptstadt München

Appointment 2007 | Completion Autumn 2008
G8 - Education Scheme
Dining facilities in the original
building (by T. Fischer)
Cafeteria for relaxing and communication
cells for concentrated working
Conversion with operation running
GFA 600 m²
Work stages: HOAI § 33 Lph 1 to 8

Corinne Bosse, Christine Müller, J. Bloch
Structural design: IB Wendisch, Munich
Services design: IBC, Fürstenfeldbruck
Electrical design: Baureferat H6
Kitchen design: pbb, Munich
Photography: Marcus Buck (pic 3)