Munich Airport

The project brief was to facilitate the long-term development of the airport’s Central Zone to include a shopping mall, hotel and offices, as well as the exten­sion of Terminal 1 over its full length of more than 1000 m and an improved traffic and parking system.

A generous layout providing clarity and orientation defines the overall design strategy for the Central Zone, with the traffic system giving access to both terminals in their specific forms- T1 peripheral, T2 central. Courtyards at basement level integrate attractive driveways, providing daylight for the pedestrian level and orientation for everyone.

A light-flooded central building adds a new attrac­tion to the airport and com­pletes the Central Zone. It is the source of natural light for
43 000 m² of retail space arranged along the main pedestrian routes, with the hotel and office buildings either side. Its hanging gardens form an attractive green oasis at the heart of the busy airport.


Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Flughafen München GmbH

Urban design competition 2006
Central Zone Munich Airport
820 000 m² GFA | 70 Ha

2nd Grade - 3rd Prize

Wöhr Heugenhauser Architects
Traffic planning: Prof. Dr. Lang
Landscape architecture: Otto A. Bertram