Allianz Munich, Conversion entrance lobby

A fully-glazed framework integrates a new circular shaped lobby and automatic sliding doors with the existing facade of the administration building.

In the course of the refurbishment of the entrance lobby three (up to 14 m²) translucent sails were hung from the ceiling. They serve as a shelter for the reception area.

Each sail is formed by a simple steel frame with a light filtering membrane fixed inside. On the flat underside of the membranes are printed photographs of textile structures, so that the impression of a creased fabric pattern is revealed. In the play of the lights behind, the character of the sails changes and produces different moods in the entrance lobby.


Neuperlach - Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Client: Allianz AG

Appointment 2006 | Completion 2007
Renovation of the entrance lobby to the administration building from 1981
Conversion with operation running
150 m² GFA
Printed ceiling sails
Photography, conception und transformation

Electrical design: IB Teuber + Viel, Munich
Services design: IB Buchholz, Munich