District Centre Mönsheim

The remodelling of the local centre is intended to give new order to the chaotic structure of the existing centre, as well as address the heavily used transport links that surround and isolate the district centre. A use was also to be found for the Diepold tower- a relic of an old castle.

With additions to the new town-hall, the Diepolds tower is reinvented as the town-hall tower and together with the church they announce the town centre of Mönsheim from far away. Climbing the town-hall tower to a viewing platform, visitors can learn about the history of Mönsheim through illuminated installations.

A revitalised civic centre occupies the area between the towers and is shielded from the main street by a series of new structures.


Mönsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Client: Gemeinde Mönsheim

Urban design competition 2004
Remodelling of the district centre
and Diepold tower
1.4 Ha

3rd Prize

Karolina Gawryszewska