Social city Milbertshofen

The implementation of the state program „Social city“ uses an integrative concept to connect and coordinate the actions of those involved, including the participation of the community.

The quarter will come alive through a network of activities designed to enhance future development such as social activities, employment, quality of life, sustainability, construction and urban planning tasks. Given the high proportion of immigrant inhabitants from southern countries, the ability and need to effectively use public space is seen as a chance to enhance the quarter’s liveliness.

The long-term planning program is to be implemented in small realisable stages. By completing the urban structure, this creates well-defined streets and places that generate new attractive possibilities of utilising the area. The location’s value is also increased by various green spaces. A central green axis connects the two main squares, one urban and the other open green space. Social meeting points enrich the social life of the area as well as the self-respect of the inhabitants.

The traffic system concentrates the transit traffic on the main roads and leads to a general reduction in the quarter.


Milbertshofen - Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Münchner Gesellschaft für Stadterneuerung mbH

Report 2003
Interactive workshop for the regeneration of the pubic realm and living quality
in the city quarter
100 Ha

Landscape architecture: Jühling und Bertram, Munich