Hospital St. Nepomuk

The task set of the competition was the installation of photographs within the corridors, waiting areas and the sickrooms of the hospital St. Johann Nepomuk.

For our entry to part B of the competition – corridors and waiting areas - we won the first price with the appointment for realisation.

The pictures are arranged to spread a more attractive and pleasant working atmosphere for patients, co-workers and visitors with their positive mood. Everyday things are shown from unusual points of view or taken away from familiar connections. The photographs were assigned to different parts of the building as separate collections of pictures with unique topics. All pictures are shot by Annette Fest or Christian Bodensteiner.

Part A Lobby (not realized)

The lobby area collection, flooded with daylight, was intended as large slides floating in the void. In the changing light conditions the luminosity and character of the pictures changes. At night the pictures are lit from the inside and can be viewed from outside the building.



Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany
Client: St. Johann Nepomuk Foundation

Art in Architecture - competition 2002
1000 Photographs in corridors, waiting
areas,rooms and the mezzanine area of
the St. Johann Nepomuk Hospital

1st Prize - Part B and realisation of 350 photographs

Limed GmbH
Olympus Optical Co. GmbH