Grand Egyptian Museum Cairo

The Grand Egyptian Museum will connect all the large Egyptian collections of the world and form a new centre close to the Pyramids of Giza at the edge of the city of Cairo.

The concept of a museum as a city does not confront the Pyramids with monumental architecture. Instead, it creates a changing and versatile museum landscape with a modern interpretation of regional typologies and integrates with its desert environment.

Elevated canopies, open courtyards and shaded walkways connect the different exhibitions and create a unique museum experience, with a diversity of spaces for recovery and refreshment.

The ‚Hall of the Kings‘ towers over the other buildings as a city landmark. A restaurant is suspended from the ceiling of the hall offering views over the desert to the Pyramids.


Giza, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt
Client: Supreme Council of Antiquities

Competition 2002
Museum of Ancient Egyptian Treasures near the Pyramids of Giza
GFA 100 000 m²