Main Tram Facility

Bankruptcy of the previous contractor led to the appointment of a new team. Large areas of the roof had received a new waterproofing layer, but this was unfinished and without specific connections.

Because of the long lasting legal situation, the main hall was left standing unfinished and only provisionally protected against the weather.

The refurbishment strategy, for insulating and waterproofing the roof of the main hall, considered the usage demands of the heated facility important and improved the thermal insulation substantially.

Elements from the previous abortive refurbishment could be integrated with special measures into the new refurbishment strategy, allowing materials and costs to be saved. In the course of the renewal, the large roof lights of the main hall were prefabricated and delivered to site including the roof connections, to be exchanged with the old roof lights.


Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Client: Stadtwerke München GmbH

2000 | 2001
Renewal of the facility roof
from the years 1918 and 1956
Roof area 14 000 m²
Work stages: HOAI § 33 Lph 1 to 8

Tobias Kreft
with Wanie Glück Architects
Environmental design: IB Schillinger, IfaB, Munich
Structural design: Dr. Kupfer, Munich