Isarbar Munich

The Isarbar offers refreshment and recovery, eating and drinking for the first time in a central position directly at the river Isar. At an existing break in the dense tree line of Erdhardstraße, a platform from structural steel (without foundations or anchors) projects over the bank wall. The counter weight is provided by a box for serving food and drinks and a second containing the toilet facilities, as well as addition ballast.

The visitors, sheltered from the street noise by the boxes, can enjoy the passing river under the shade of the adjacent trees. The view is directed south east over the river bed to its nature rich banks.

The demountable construction of the bar offers the possibility to temporarily erect it during the warmer months of the year and then remove it in winter, leaving no trace of construction.

Bank of the river Isar Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Independent project development 2002
with Engineer Office Stefan Baur, Berlin
Cafe in the city centre with terrace over the Isar

Corinne Bosse
Structural design: Stefan Baur, Berlin