New Town Mosbach

A holistic and sustainable urban-extension to the old town of Mosbach. Here living and working as well as the necessary infrastructure are arranged closely together.

The various outside spaces are, apart from a few north-south running roads, free from all vehicular traffic. These roads, combined with terraced rows, divide the development into smaller and more intimate areas. The artificial terracing within the planned area, with steps of a half or whole storey, is used to optimise the exposure of the buildings to the sun.

From the jury minutes:
‚The clear commitment to density, for keeping the landscape free and for the consideration of today‘s ecological requirements points to a possible notion of future settlement development- in the sense of the city is the city and the country is the country. It reacts to the current problems of urban sprawl.´

Mosbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Competition 2000
Sustainable city extension as independent
quarter for 5000 inhabitants / 4 Ha
Weka architecture prize 2000
„architecture of the future“


Tobias Kreft