hofhaussiedlung eichstätt weka preis
hofhaussiedlung eichstätt weka preis

Housing Development Eichstätt

The settlement is home to a community of ment­ally handicapped people and their carers. The develop­ment is arranged facing south, with buildings no more than one or two stories high and each with a private courtyard at it‘s centre. The distance between structures is dictated by the daylight requirement of each dwelling. This allows a more compact layout with an attractive network of streets and spaces between. The community buildings are always connected to public spaces to achieve a greater level of openness and integration across the development.

By providing different forms of independent living, up to a completely self-sufficient group house, the different levels of aftercare are accommodated. Special consideration was given to privacy, communication, integration and an equal status between carer and cared-for. The living experience for the handicapped residents is made as normal as possible by utilizing common domestic features and avoiding institutional facilities.

‚It is not their needs that are different, but how they are able to fulfil them.‘

Eichstätt, Bavaria, Germany

Weka competition 1998
„elemental architecture - new ways to low-cost building.“ Integrated community
for handicapped people
12 000 m² GFA | 1.2 Ha

2nd Prize