Parish Hall Herz Jesu

The new parish hall is part of the expansion and strengthening of the courtyard. By adapting the existing covered walkway, a generous and inviting entrance is created between the church tower and parish hall, which acts as a protected meeting point before and after visiting the church.

The building maintains a presence on Zeppelinstraße though its parallel arrangement and also when the eastern part of the site is developed - its mass provides a balance to the centre‘s ensemble. With a foyer area positioned along the north elevation, the connectable function rooms of the parish hall can be opened onto the courtyard. Through a flowing transition from inside to outside, it enables the possibility of hosting different events.

The sustainability concept is based on a compact form connected with an energetic arrangement. (Buffer zone in the north) The building services concept and material decisions follow an integrated ecological philosophy.

Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany
Parish Herz Jesu with Diocese Building Office Eichstätt

Expertise 2012
Replacement of a Parish Hall within the ensemble of a 1960‘s Parish centre

1st Place and appointment

Team competition:
Assistance: Mark K. Gerry, Jonas Bloch
Services consulting: Scholl Schlamp Ingenieure 

Team planning:
Structural design: IB Haushofer
Electrical design: IB Bamberger
Services design: IB MEAC
Consultant for fire prevention: K33