South Bahnhofstraße Gröbenzell

By complementing the existing urban structure with a series of new blocks a homogenous and stringent structure emerges. With its open form, the new centre supports the character of Gröbenzell as ‚Garden Town‘. At the same time, the dense structure provides a strong street frontage and gives the town centre a new identity.

The linear space of Bahnhofstrasse maintains its strong design principle despite the different requirements and amenity qualities and gives the northern centre a suitable generosity.

The protective block along the train line screens the development area directly at the source of the noise emissions. The spaces between the new buildings interlink with the green space facing west creating a high living quality. A second row of ‚Garden Houses‘ stand within the green space and mediates between the smaller building mass of the single family houses along the western border.

Gemeinde Gröbenzell, Bavaria, Germany

Ideas and realisation competition 2010
Urban development concept for the central retail street north of the station with
versatile mixed uses
0,5 Ha

Nuyken von Oefele Architekten
Landscape architecture: Erdmann Kicherer