Buddenberg Area

Three precisely set additions to the school block complete the urban layout to the surrounding streets as well as to the playground within. The space saving concept for the layout keeps the inside of the area mostly free from buildings and creates an attractive and amenable public space.

The extension to the special education building makes use of an existing corridor and therefore requires barely any additional development area. Bridges con­­nect the new classrooms over a planted, light flood­ed glass-house to the existing corridor. The
entr­ance position leads directly into a new amenity space, which connects old and new and becomes a break-out area.

The new dining hall integrates itself like a junction betwee­n two hitherto separated parts of the school and completes the established building typology. The inner courtyard serves as a protected external space for the dining hall.

Stadt Korntal - Münchingen, B-W, Germany

Idea and Realisation Competition 2008
Urban design redevelopment with youth
club, assembly hall and school extension
GFA 4 500 m² new | 2.7 Ha