Social Housing Freising

A main road leading to the city centre runs parallel to the development site, which is 170 m in length. The acoustic-protection of the dwellings behind the site as well as the protection of the development itself was to be considered.

Staircases positioned along the main building elevation set a rhythm and subdivide the facade into three attractive elements. A series of external spaces, becoming more private, create areas for social interaction. Balconies give access to the apartments from the noisy road side, while living spaces face the quieter south -western garden and include a private terrace or co-vored balcony.

At variance with the project brief, to provide a multi-storey car park, an underground parking area is proposed. Taking into account the high groundwater level, the car park is accommodated within a half-basement. The soil from the excavation will be re-used for the garden areas that are to be raised by one meter, providing more privacy for the residents. Instead of the suggested parking structure, the north-western street corner (being the noisiest part of the site) is completed with offices and a shop at ground floor level.

Schwabenau - Freising, Bavaria, Germany
Stadtbau Freising GmbH

Invited competition 2007
Social accommodation with 70 apartments
and acoustic strategy
GFA 9 000 m²

Visualisation: Jonas Bloch