Railway dock Emden

The concept integrates a disused part of a rail yard with the city centre of Emden. The uses include housing, trade, retail and cultural facilities.

The development structure follows the orientation of the city centre in the north. To the south a line of trade buildings form a new border to the active rail yard and provide a sound barrier for the new development. The theatre and the multi-purpose hall stand in a prominent position at the very edge of the old inland port, showing their importance to the city. As new landmarks, they highlight the transformation of the public realm on the bank and link the redeveloped area to the city centre.

The traffic routes are placed perpendicular to the built-up areas with the residential zone parking accommodated at semi-basement level under dwellings. This arrangement allows a completely car-free landscape running east to west through the development.

City of Emden, Lower Saxony, Germany
Client: Aurelis GmbH

Urban regeneration competition 2003
Mixed-use district with living, trading, retail and cultural facilities at the old inland port and harbour. Car-free development
running east to west
26 Ha


Corinne Bosse
Landscape architecture: Otto A. Bertram, Munich