Green Centre Garching

The university campus was to receive a new centre with an underground connection, lecture hall, and communication centre as well as guest houses.

The compact, space saving buildings are placed to the outside edges of the central zone. A tree-covered park dominates the centre and connects the heterogeneous development of the current campus complex. This provides a strong identity for the facility as well as an attractive and amenable environment for the students and others to enjoy- whether it is busy or deserted, with shelter from the sun and rain.

Over the underground entrances are floating projecting flat roofs, which blend into the tree canopy. Meeting places are integrated in the public area as kiosks and cafes.

Garching - Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Client: Freistaat Bayern

Urban development competition 2003
New university campus centre with
lecture hall, communication centre
and guest houses
9 Ha


Landscape architecture: Otto A. Bertram, Munich