Passive House Development

The layout of the development integrates with the existing urban structure while each dwelling is orientated towards the sun, so that the buildings do not shade each other. The arrangement of town houses combines economical servicing and vehicular access with a favourable surface to volume ratio. The topography also makes for a lively sequence to the external spaces.

To the north side canopies and projecting roofs form a weather-protected communal approach area, while to the south side walls provide privacy between the properties. To the street are 5 retail units offering convenient local shopping. Different dwelling sizes and conditions as well as variable layouts encourage a social mix. Ground-renting is proposed - as an easy way for private ownership, particularly for those with low incomes.

Renewable energy sources mean the development is (over the balance of a year) energy self-sufficient. Rain water is collected centrally and used as grey water. The choice of materials is based on holistic ecological considerations.

Leverkusen, NRW, Germany
Landesinstitut für Bauwesen des Landes NRW

Development competition 2002
Residential development to
Passive house standard
GFA 10 000 m² | 1,5 Ha


Corinne Bosse