High School Bruckmühl

Respecting the proportion of the surrounding urban structure accordingly, the building‘s elements are distributed in a single structure. The refer­ence to external space and landscape is given special emphasis.

In each case, a glazed north-facing enclosure (winter) and an open south-facing enclosure (summer) establish a connection to the landscape and simultaneously define different school yard situations. The yards are multi-functional like the walkways themselves as lea­rning spaces for meetings and as play surfaces during breaks.

Slabs at each stairway position articulate the transition from the inside to the outside. Covered surfaces like the main entrance space by the street enhance the functionality of these spaces and support the concept of the building opening into the landscape.

Borough of Bruckmühl, Bavaria, Germany
Client: Freistaat Bayern

Competition 2000
Graded High School with emphasis towards outside space and the landscape
GFA 10 500 m²

Martin Fröhlich